Saturday, April 19, 2008

That was awkward

First of all, the word awkward is awkward in and of itself... isn't it spelled strange, you know, one of those words you stare at and it still doesn't look right? Sometimes that happens with the word "the" too, but that's beside the point. My friend Angie steered me to this funny Facebook group, Holy Shit, I'm Awkward. I had to laugh when I read the postings because I could totally relate.

I had my own "I'm Awkward" moment yesterday, you know, that kind of thing where you think everybody's looking at you but they're really not. I had a bag packed to go running. The weather has been kind of iffy the last few days and I wasn't sure if I'd have to go to the health club or if I'd be able to run outside. So, on Thursday, I was able to run outside and I took the socks out of my workout bag and wore them, everything else stayed in the bag. Then the next day, I was sure it was going to rain afterschool, so I thought, "Good, my bag is already packed." Then, I'm driving to school and I realize, I don't have any running socks. I only had to run 2 miles, so it wouldn't be that long and I could just forgo the socks. I also thought, I'll be inside and it won't matter. Then I thought again, wait, the last time I didn't wear socks I had THE WORST blisters, so I better just wear my work socks. How cute, khaki socks with little pastel circles. Not a problem, I'll be on the track and no one will notice. Then, it wasn't raining after school, so I couldn't pass up running outside. Since I packed for inside, I also didn't have long sleeves, so I had to wear the fleece I wore during the day which didn't really fit over my workout shirt, didn't match my shorts, AND I still had those stupid khaki socks. There were quite a few people on the Lake Country Trail and I KNOW they were all looking at my socks and the fleece that didn't match anything or fit quite right. How awkward or akward... however it's spelled.


Amanda said...

I'm thinking that there should have been photo evidence of this ensemble! It sounds fun!
By the way, if people were staring at you...just know that it was out of jealousy!

Gina said...

Too funny!