Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A true foodie??

Dictionary.com defines as foodies as "a person keenly interested in food, esp. in eating and cooking." Another definition on the page also defines a foodies as "gourmet." I don't know if I've go so far as to classify myself as a foodie in the gourmet sense, but I sure like to eat and I like to think I enjoy cooking. I'm a fan of the Food Network. The blogger on Crispy Waffle, who is definitely a foodie, posted this interesting little survey. I know sometimes "how well do you know your friends" surveys arrive in my inbox every once in awhile, but I thought this was a different sort and thought it would be fun to post. Feel free to cut and paste and add your own answers! Check out Crispy Waffle, she's got some interesting answers, especially being an ex-pat in the Netherlands with a Filipino heritage!

What were you cooking five years ago?
Five years ago was just one year into married life. I think there was a lot of take out involved, but what I did cook - stir fry, burritos, calzones and souped up frozen pizzas.

What were you cooking 10 years ago?
Ah, the beginning of college life, thank goodness for the dining hall. I think my microwave was known to whip up some shells and cheese, ramen, and microwave popcorn.

Five snacks you enjoy:
Peanut butter on just about anything
Cheese and crackers
Chips and salsa
Doritos (but I rarely eat them)

Five recipes you know by heart:
Eggplant Lasagna
A variety of enchiladas
Avocado Feasts - yum!

Five culinary luxuries you would indulge in if you were a millionaire:
A fancy gourmet kitchen
Extensive gourmet cooking lessons from around the world
Lots of organic and local food to fill the kitchen
Someone to clean up after I was done cooking in the fancy gourmet kitchen

Five foods you love to cook:
Mexican anything
Not so complicated desserts
Tasty, quick appetizers
Quick breads
New recipes that involve lots of pans!

Five things you cannot/will not eat:
Brussel sprouts
Raw onions
Meat - Red meat, pork products, poultry, wild game
Anything you might find on Fear Factor

Five favourite culinary toys:
Kitchen-Aid Mixer (not the super fancy one, but this definitely makes mixing easier)
Pampered Chef Food Chopper
Rubbermaid Rounded Spatula - it grabs the cookie dough from the edge of the bowl just right!
Wooden spoons/forks/slotted spatula
Olive oil spritzer


Whitney said...

I've actually had several debates about the term "foodie". One of the debates became slightly heated...I was asked to be on a panel of Madison bloggers (when I wrote for Nutritilicious, my nutrition blog) and we were asked if we considered ourselves "foodie." I wish I had the transcript of the discussion. Anyway, it's certainly all in the way you define the term, but I feel like the term has a derogatory connotation. To me, it's sort of snooty and makes me think of that type of people; the "gourmets" that absolutely will not eat at chain restaurants or consider dining in establishments without extensive wine lists and menus featuring food items with at least 3 adjectives characterizing them. Decades ago it certainly had this type of meaning. I like the way Slashfood defines it [foodie]: "...you have to know what you like, why you like it, recognize why some foods are better than others and want to have good tasting food all or certainly most of the time. This doesn't mean that you can't eat flaming hot Cheetos every now and again, but it does mean that you don't fool yourself into thinking that it's a nutritionally balanced meal."
There should just be a new term and we wouldn't have confusion behind defining the word!
I too LOVE my Kitchen-Aid. But feel like my new Magic Bullet will top the list when I tackle the task of making Henry's baby food!

Whitney said...

Sorry that got so long, Dria :)

dria said...

no problem. i didn't realize there was such a controversy surrounding the term. interesting perspective - i'm glad you shared.

Amanda said...

I saw that on the Crispy Waffle blog! Very fun. I think you would really like my (no meat) roasted red pepper lasagna...have I ever given that recipe to you? It's long and involved...lots of pots and pans. However, it is DELICIOUS. Perhaps I will post the recipe soon.
Anyhow, great blog! Love the new look of your page.