Friday, March 17, 2006

Home of the Hamburger

I should've called this blog, "Food a holic" or something related to eating. As some of you may no, I do have a 400 pound person trapped inside my not 400 pound body. In fact, somedays, I don't know what I'd do without food, eating, smelling, watching other people cook, you name it.

Well, the title of this post is "Home of the Hamburger" and since I am a vegetarian, I have no desire to eat a hamburger, but I had this brainstorm yesterday. Since Catholics had a dispensation from the Archbishop this year to corned beef on St. Pat's Day, despite the fact that it is a Friday in Lent, I thought I could get a dispensation from being a vegetarian once a year and eat a Reuben on St. Pat's Day. Yes, a Reuben is the big thing I miss eating as a herbivore.

Back to the purpose of this post, I was watching the news and discovered the St. John's Military Academy (the school for naughty boys, just down the road from us) was playing Seymour in the State Champs for b-ball. I have fond memories of Seymour, Wisconsin. Not only is it home to fellow u-dub-dub graduate, N8 Baker and neighbor to my college roommate, Brook, but it is a also home of the hamburger. Here is a blurb from the Seymour, Wisconsin website:

"Seymour is the Home of the Hamburger. Charlie Nagreen created the first hamburger in 1885 at the Seymour Fair and Seymour has been celebrating its history ever since. Each August, Burger Fest brings thousands of people to the community for the Ketchup Slide, a parade, the Bun Run and other festivities. The city also holds the world’s record for the largest burger, creating an 8,000-pound monster hamburger."

WOW! If that doesn't make you want to visit Seymour, what does? If you're really interested, check out the Home of the Hamburger website. Happy hamburger-ing!


Gina said...

I was actually aware of this. Seymour is only 20-30 min. from Green Bay. However, we've never been to the Burger Fest. Mmmm... now I'm hungry for a hamburger!

Kelly said...

seeing as though i could eat a hamburger every day for the rest of my life, i feel as though i need to check this place out. i never knew!

Kelly said...
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Whitney said...

Yummmm, reubens!