Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I just wanted to immortalize my favorite pet hamster forever on the internet. No, she hasn't died.

Chris and I have a pet hamster named Fred. She's a girl, obviously. She tends to get into trouble when she goes to visit her brother Floyd, Emily's hamster. In fact, she tends to escape when she is there. Every night, she has "Fred Time" at 8pm. That's usually when she gets up from her long day of sleeping. "Fred Time" consists of running loose on the couch, crawling down the hole in the couch, but we have learned after she runs the length of the couch, she comes right back up. Then she crawls right in her ball for a little roll around the house. She is very good in her ball. If it's a good night, she gets stuck under the console table. If she's really tired, she gets stuck more often and then gets frustrated and poops.

She's a very smart hamster too. The other night, there was a small box on the floor and she pushed it around with her ball. We thought it was a fluke, but she did it numerous times during the night. Also that night, to show her high intelligence, she rolled towards me in the ball when I called her. It was not just once, but twice. AND, she wasn't even heading towards me to begin with. What a talented little girl.


Gina said...

Fred sounds like quite a smartie!!! Love the name!

Whitney said...

cute! i can't wait to get a pet. jim says we can get a dog soon!

angela said...

fred can come over and play with lenny and squiggy any time!