Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Someone wanted to see pictures...

We went to Vegas a while back. I didn't take too many pictures. I wish I was a more diligent picture-taker. Those of you looking for a belly shot, this is what you're getting... for now. I was 16 weeks here. When I came back from this trip, people commented on how pregnant I was looking.


Stefanie said...

You need more belly shots! Trust me...if you don't take them now, you will regret it later!!!!

BTW -- you don't look preggo at ALL (except for the fact that you are absolutely GLOWING). :) BRAT.

Amanda said...

You look great!!!! I love your striped shirt, by the way. I have one JUST like it.


Whitney said...

You're pregnant in that shot?! ;)
Looking good, Dria.
Take more photos! Stef is right!