Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Baby Brigade Begins...

Congratulations to my friend, Erin! Her second little girl, Brookly(n?) joined the family. Little one number 3!

Now, this is where email gets dicey... I know Erin is a quick typer, sometimes we have typos in our emails. Erin likes different names, but not super different names... did she forget the "n" at the end of the word? I'm not sure. Erin... are you reading this? Is it really Brooklyn? I'm not sure?

The next member of the Kozik clan should be arriving any day, unless I just haven't been informed yet. We should be able to meet Baby Boy Kozik at Christmas next week.

And, Monnie? Where's the baby? You were due last week! What's going on?

More importantly, what was going on last March?

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angela said...

I was wondering the same thing about the baby's name. I just checked Erin's blog and it's Brooklyn. Now you can sleep tonight, too! :)