Monday, July 23, 2007

How Nuts

Today begins the insanity of next summer. Ironman Lake Placid is on the calendar for Chris. This is how nuts an Ironman event is:

1. You need to sign up for it 1 year ahead of time. You better be quick, because they sell out insanely fast. Chris signed up at 11:30am and called me at 2:30 to say that his racing accomplice, Cam, could not get in because it was full. Nuts.

2. You need to book your hotel room as soon as you even think about doing the event. I tried to book a room at the race hotel at 5pm today and they said, (and I quote) "We're not sure if we're booked yet." I asked when they would know (don't you think they would know now??). She told me to call back on Wednesday. I think I'll try back tomorrow instead, since she didn't sound so sure of herself. Then I tried the Courtyard by Marriott. Reservations told me the latest they are booking is July 12 of next year, I should try back in a few weeks. Then I called the hotel directly and they said they would not be booking until October.

Now, you may not think this is a big deal, but trust me, location is everything. Picture this...

Rise and shine at 3:30am for a tasty breakfast, only you the spectator doesn't really need to be up that early but it's hard not to when your companion is fixing cereal and watching tv.

Five hours later, the 2.4 mile swim is complete and you won't see your athlete for a few hours. It sure would be nice to take a nap, or maybe eat breakfast. What are you going to do when none of the shops in the area are open yet on this fine Sunday morning, or your hotel is NOT within walking distance. Note to self, find a closer hotel next year.

8 more hours pass and your athlete finishes. I swear, I'm just as tired as he is and all I did was walk around and try to kill time since 3:30 this morning. It's 7:30pm and you're both ready to hit the sack.

Anyone want to join us next year?

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