Sunday, January 21, 2007

...we have LIFT OFF!

Today was an exciting day in our household for 2 reasons...

#1 - Chris fixed the computer - yahoo!! He managed to completely disassemble the laptop, drop one screw that was lost in the process and found 5 minutes after completely reassembling the laptop. So, now, the world is our oyster once again. I think I spent much less time on the computer when I had to use the dinosaur of a desktop in a room that was cold. Amazing how convenience of technology alters one's life.

#2 - We're getting a dog!! We've known this for a few weeks, but we did not have a target date. We adopted a retired racing greyhound through Greyhounds Only. Our new girl is 3 1/2 years old, black with white patches on her chest, feet, and end of her tail. Her tail was partially amputated. You can't really tell except for the bumps near the tip. She is a small greyhound, 53 pounds. It's big for a dog, but she acts small. The adoption process consists of vet work, time in a foster home, and then, home to us! She went to her foster home yesterday, so we should have her in about 10 days. Yippee!

Welcome Tess to our family!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new addition! How exciting!

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Tess!
Will you guys run with her?
My marathoner friend Becky has a husky/greyhound mix and he LIVES to run with her!
How fun! Dogs are too fun...