Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My Space Your Space

The world of MySpace is very strange. Today, I took a few minutes to follow profile to profile and I ran across some interesting folks. I found Real World cast members that seem to know a friend of a friend. I found old classmates who look nothing like they used to. I think the strangest thing that I found was the whole celebreality link and eventually the link to celebrity.

I do admit, I have a MySpace profile, which my sister had to help me figure out (thank Lil' E). But, I think I've got it figured out.

To fellow bloggers... have you found any weird My Space links??

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Anonymous said...

Yes, My Space is very addicting and interesting to search around for people or see who is friends with who. The only thing is that many times the celebrity pages are not legit, so you have to make sure it's official. I love Jenna Fisher's page from The Office. I feel like I'm her friend when I read her page.