Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tofurky, Pecan Pie and a Hybrid

AH! It's November already, I can't believe it. Only a couple weeks until Thanksgiving. I'd have to say that is my favorite holiday. Despite the fact that the turkey smells good, but none is on my plate and tofurky just doesn't cut it, I still love all the other side dishes. I could just eat all the pies. Yum.

We've been in the midst of car shopping the past few weeks. I'm looking to enter the world of the SUV. We've test driven a few cars... Saturn Hybrid, Escape Hybrid and checked out the Mariner Hybrid. We're waiting for the Ford Edge to enter the market and we'll also be checking out the Mazda CX-7, neither are hybrids, but both are the new "cross-over" vehicle. Cross between a mini-van and SUV. Not sure how the two are merged. I was trying really hard to be environmentally conscious with this car decision, but it turns out that I was not impressed with the Escape and Saturn. The Mariner was very nice, but along with it came a very high price tag. The Edge hasn't released it estimated mpg and the CX-7 ranks right around 22. I just figured today that I'm getting an average of 24-ish. So, I guess it's not too much of a stretch.

On a final note, the part of the laptop has arrived. YAHOO! I'm eagerly awaiting Chris' venture into the basement to make the repair. Then I can return to regular blogging.


Gina said...

I'll be excited for your return to regular blogging!

Anonymous said...

Our next car will also be a hybrid. It's looking like this may come next year?
Anyway, have you seen the Hybrid Camry or the Toyota Highlander (SUV)?
Good to hear your opinions about the Vue, etc. You'll definitely have to let us know more about your findings!