Friday, August 04, 2006

Five on Friday

I'm so happy to be home this Friday to do another "Five on Friday"... it's been awhile! This week, I've been taking a grad class called "Multicultural Classroom Activities." It's a three credit steal! Willard Romantini of food reporter fame was the instructor. It was basically a foods and culture class. Not a cooking class, mind you. So for three credits, I ate until my heart was content, and then some. He cooked quite a few dishes from different cultures around the world: Italian, Mexican, African, and Native American. Yesterday was our culminating field trip - traversing Milwaukee visiting different ethnic markets and a few restaurants throughout the week.

This week's Five on Friday highlights some of my favorite finds throughout the week!


1. Highland Park Pies and Cafe - cute cafe near the Miller Valley owned by an awesome lady I used to baby-sit for!

2. The Spice House - either the 3rd Street or Tosa location is sure to the nose and tastebuds, check out the website for some recipes

3. Divino Gelato - a cute little stop in downtown Waukesha to sample tastes of 24 different gelato flavors - YUM!

4. Plowshare Fair Trade Items - although this isn't technically a foodie find, they do carry fair trade coffee, and I found a cookbook to cook with fresh produce for the seasons

5. Electric Skillet - what an excellent tool for cooking just about anything in your classroom... I'm now on the hunt for a rummage sale find of this item.

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