Friday, July 14, 2006

Two-faced kitty cat

I was watching the Today show this morning and there was a little blurb about a kitten that was born with 2 faces - 4 eyes, 2 noses, and 2 mouths. It also meows in unison! This isn't the picture of that particular cat. But, I did some research on the internet and found that although this is a strange phenonmeon, it is not uncommon. I found more than one picture of two-faced kitties, so it's not uncommon!

Does this kitty eat Meow Meow Mix?


Whitney said...

kinda' creepy.

dria said...

yes, this is creepy, but the one on the Today show didn't have connected mouths. that one was actually pretty cute. maybe i'm creepy.

Gina said...

How bizarre! Is it strange that I think it's kind of cute?