Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New teaching adventures!

This fall, I have a new position waiting for me at school - Talented and Gifted Coordinator for K-6. I'm so excited. Gone are the days of same old, same old with the sixth graders and here are small groups at each grade level and academic competitions in math, language, and maybe science or social studies, all the nerdy school stuff I love!

Also, I've been recruited by UWSP to be an adjunct faculty member for the K-12 Energy Education Program. I'll be teaching teacher workshops a few times each semester on Energy Education. I've got my first one coming up in August. SO, all you teachers out there, not only are these fun activities, but it's 1 grad credit for $50! You can't go wrong. Check it out!


Whitney said...

Sounds like this'll be a nice addition to your job description!

Anonymous said...

congrats! super educator dria! way to go!

Gina said...

Congratulations Dria! Things are really going your way this summer. Always good news and accomplishments from you. That's great!