Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

We celebrated Mother's Day today with brunch at Heaven City in Mukwonago. It was very tasty. Our friend, Adam, is the sous chef at Heaven City and whipped up some tasty omelets for us (and the rest of the diners). The brunch consisted of some yummy dishes, besides your traditional breakfast fare. Lil' E's vote for best food was the yogurt and homemade granola and chocolate bread. I enjoyed the gnocchi and asparagus casserole thing as well as the lemon bars. We treated Chris' parents and my mom and sis. Unfortunately, my dad couldn't make it. He too is a food connoisseur and would've enjoyed the tasty fare.


Gina said...

Oh... everyone looks so nice!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to miss the festivties,but all my girls just look BEAUTIFUL!