Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Florida Recap

I found some pics I took during our Florida excursion the week after Easter. Lil' E, Grandma G and I made the trek to Boynton Beach, Florida to visit Aunt Ginny, courtesy of Mom and Dad for Grandma's 80th birthday.

Our flight down was fine. We had a layover in Charlotte, NC, where I had never been before. There were white porch rockers throughout the airport. How quaint. All the flights were smooth and painless. Ginny met us at the Palm Beach airport when we arrived in late afternoon. After we arrived at her condo and dropped our things off, we took picnic dinner to the beach. The weather was great, although a little windy.

Monday and Tuesday, we relaxed in the morning. Well, E and Grandma relaxed, I went to workout. In the afternoon, we went to the beach and enjoyed the sun. Wednesday was a rainy day, we went thrifting and to consignment stores in Palm Beach County. Our purpose? Ginny found a Kate Spade bag at the local Goodwill last fall. Did we find any such bargains? Nope.

We headed home on Thursday. That was a bit of a stressful travel day. We arrived late to the airport because of traffic and had VERY limited time between our connecting flights, a difference of 5 gates and 45 minutes. But, we made it and I think overall, everyone had a nice time. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

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