Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Chicago Girls' Weekend

This weekend was our annual Spring Girls' Weekend. Christy, Gina, Amanda, and I have known each other since St. Jude days. Gina is my oldest friend. It's always fun when we get together!! Christy lives in Chicago, so it's always fun to head down to the big city for a weekend of fun!

We left Saturday morning after I picked up Amanda and Gina and cruised into Chicago around 11am. We were having no luck finding a parking spot, which is the first time in my trips to Chicago that I haven't been able to find one! So, I dropped the girls off at Christy's apartment and headed to the parking structure.

Our day consisted of lunching at the Corner Bakery on Rush Street, shopping along Michigan Avenue, and dodging raindrops. It was not the prettiest day in Chicago, but the company was quite good. We headed back to Christy's to dry off and change for our night out. We headed to The Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant for dinner. Yum, yum. Lots of food, so we definitely didn't qualify for the clean plate club. Although, I am proud to say that Gina and I triumphed over Amanda and Christy's eating ability.

Our first course consisted of Spinach Artichoke Cheese Fondue with veggies, Granny Smith apples (my favorite) and bread cubes to dip. Course two was a choice salad. Gina and I had the mushroom salad, Amanda and Christy had the California Salad with Raspberry Vinigrette. Course three was the Delightful Duo, meat and seafood sampler for two. It consisted of salmon, pork, teriakyi beef, chicken, potstickers, tiger shrimp, lobster, and portobellos. There was also a bowl of veggies to fondue up! The last course, and my favorite, was the dessert fondue. We opted for the Original: milk chocolate with a swirl of crunchy peanut butter. We had a multitude of treats to dip: strawberries, bananas, pineapple, brownie bites, cheesecake, graham covered and oreo covered marshmallows. Yummy! I'm glad I've mastered the task of strategic eating, so I successfully sampled each course. I was full when we were done, but not roll me out the door, full.

Our last stop of the day was Second City etc. where we saw Immaculate Deception. It was very funny. It think 12 years of Catholic School always makes jabs at religious topics that much more humorous.

We headed back to Christy's and started to watch a movie. We all must have been pooped from the day's events because we fell asleep pretty much right away. Maybe we're just old.

It was a good time. I look forward to getting together with the girls a few times a year. We always have fun catching up and reminiscing. Until next time, girls!

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Gina said...

Great food, great company... GREAT TIME!