Sunday, May 07, 2006


Today, Chris got a lucky phone call while I was visiting Grandma Jean for her birthday. The Wildlife In Need Center called to see if I was home to transport an injured rat to their care facility. Since I was not, Chris stepped up to the task of Batman! He picked up the injured bat, already boxed up, put him in the Batmobile and took him to the Center to be cared for. The bat had a hole in his wing about the size of a dime. Poor little bat!

The Wildlife in Need Center is a great facility. They house and care for injured wildlife. My students' environmental club has raised money over $400 in the last 2 years for the Center. We even got to tour the facility last year. We've met their corn snake, Winnie the Woodchuck, and a baby raccoon.


Whitney said...

You're doing great work!

Gina said...

That is very good work. I'd freak if I saw a little bat like that. Eeee! I know... I know... they are creatures of the Earth too.