Sunday, April 09, 2006

Magic Eraser

I just had a thoroughly exciting morning, cleaning the kitchen. How fun. But, I do have to say that the task of cleaning the stove is made much easier with the help of Mr. Clean and the Magic Eraser. If you haven't tried this yet, give it a go when you find a coupon or they're on sale. Gone are the days of steel wool to grind away at that caked on grease and kitchen grime. You just need to wet the "eraser" sponge slightly and away you go. There is no soapy, watery mess. The sponge does get icky by the end and they are quite disposable (more waste), but it does the trick. My hand is still kind of stuck in a contorted sponge scrubbing way, but my stove is shiny clean!

*Note- The picture above shows the Magic Eraser "Duo" which I have not tried, but it looks like a winner as well.

I think it's time to ditch the INSIDE cleaning and head out to the beautiful blue skies!

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Whitney said...

We've used these before. They're great for cleaning up paint! They truly are "magic"...