Friday, April 21, 2006

Evil Jellybeans

I had an unfortunate incident this week. Florida was fun and when Lil' E forwards me some pics, I'll post a review of the trip. But, I have to share this little tidbit.

On Monday, I believe, I was snacking on some Starburst jellybeans that my mom had sent along in our little Easter bags full of treats. I started to laugh or cough, I don't remember, the incident is a bit foggy, while I had a half-eaten jellybean in my mouth.

*If you have a weak stomach or are eating, you may want to read this later.*

So, I'm sure you can imagine what happened, up my nasal cavity it went. Now, this has happened time and again with various liquids I have been drinking, but jellybeans are different story. It was burning! I coughed and nothing happened. It wasn't so far up that I could blow it out my nose. No, I had to wait... with a burning throat. Yuck. Eventually, little bits began running down the back of my throat. Not all at once, but in bits over the course of a few hours. When it was all dislodged, the burning stopped.

Very unfortunate incident, albeit a little gross.


Gina said...

Wow! If that doesn't turn you off to jelly beans, I don't know what would?

Can't wait to hear about Florida!

Whitney said...

Oh my! Now I see what you mean about the choking hazard! Definitely might wanna stick with the sports drinks...
Hope you had a nice break!

Kelly said...

that has happened to me too - only with cake. it was the 4th of july and i was like 10 or 11. it was the worst feeling and i have never forgotten it. i still love cake though :-)

Joe said...

For some reason this always happens to me when I eat carrots. Carrot chunks always find a way up my nose and I end up blowing them out when I'm done. But they don't burn like jellybeans.