Monday, January 10, 2011

A Year (and some odd months) in Review

So I guess it's time to resurrect the blog...after a mere year and so odd months, not much has happened. Ok, yes it has. As Ryder is probably standing in his bed right now talking away, "Dada! Zzzzew, zeeeew (airplane flying)!, and the occasional thump of him flopping down, it's really hard to realize how much time has passed since, what was it, October 19, 2009?

Last time I checked in, my little sis turned 21. Meanwhile, she is off in Italy on a school excursion, ready to graduate in May. Oh my! Last time I blogged, we were experiencing Ryder's frost and now we're on to some of his seconds.

My little guy dresses up as funny little horse for Halloween. This year, he was wandering around as a little dog.

Ryder's first Christmas was filled with his efforts to eat the paper and Mon and Dad's effort to get him to enjoy the toys, namely books, he got. This year, he could've cared less about the paper, but once everything was unwrapped (mostly by Mom and Dad), he was quick at work to play with one thing after the next...See and Say, Bubbles (aka Elmo) See and Say, Little People Farm, Rocking Trike, a Monkey in the Box, and so many books and car paraphenalia! How much stuff can one kid enjoy...or use for that matter? (That little "no sleeper" is still talking away... "car, car" followed by "vrrrr, vrrrr"! This little boy is so busy even when he should be sleeping.)

Last April brought a quick trip to NYC for Chris and I. Ryder split his time between Papa and Nana K's and Gramma and Grandpa S's. What fun he had (and so did we...and Tessie and Shooter too! Shooter even helped himself to a pound of Grandpa S's cheese right off the counter. Silly dog!). Tessie and Shooter both celebrated birthdays in May and April, respectively. We had some old dogs - Tessie was seven and Shooter turned eight. They also seemed to be turning white overnight. Old dogs.

May brought the confirmation that I could officially make my move back to the classroom where I would join my childhood friend, Amanda, teaching fifth grade. Chris continued working hard at both his new(er) sales job as well as at his MBA program at MU. His studies at MU prepped him for a trip to Belgium in June. In the meantime, Ryder and I packed our suitcase and headed off to Florida with Nana, Papa, and Emily. Ryder did well on his first plane ride, but thank goodness, we three other people to hand him around to. On the way home, I was going it alone in Business class, thank goodness for the extra room. Having a little guy just wanting to walk made for a long flight home. We were happy to see Chris at the gate waiting for us.

Ryder celebrated his first 4th of July, loving the flags! It was hard to believe his birthday was around the corner - we almost had ourselves a walking one year old! Unbelievable!

We had a small birthday celebration, but enjoyable nonetheless. Ryder definitely enjoyed his birthday cupcake. Mmmm, chocolate frosting. In the blink of an eye, the cake was gone. He continues to be good little eater. We made the move to "real food" quite quickly and easily. Weaning him off a bottle not difficult either. Besides getting sick of a food after awhile, as anyone would, this kid has no problem eating or trying new foods. Tomatoes and mashed potatoes are really the only thing on the "yuck" list. Otherwise, black beans, any meat, blueberries, CHEESE, noodles, strawberries, eggs, craCKERS, are always in demand for "more, more" with his sign language. Don't worry, he'll let you know when he's ALL Done, with a swish of his arm and knocking food off the tray if you don't get it away fast enough.

More to come about months 12+... and pictures too!

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Stefanie said...

So funny, Ryder reminds me of lil Max at the age (and reminds me what to be prepared for with Sam). Mashed potatoes STILL aren't a favorite with him...why for heaven's sake not they are delicious!