Friday, August 07, 2009

State Fair visit and Apple Pie Revelation

Yesterday, I made the annual pilgrimage to State Fair with my mom and we were joined by my Grandma. We had a limited time for our visit, so it was an abbreviated version of the State Fair. We started at the south end of the park - first stop: Cream Puffs. Since we went first thing in the morning, there was a very, very short line. One tasty treat down, several more to go. Then, we headed to the Journal/Sentinel building to see the winning photographs and I renewed our Sunday subscription. I scored $15 in gift cards with our subscription (read: $15 worth of diapers). Then, it was on to the Horticulture Building. We saw all of the State Fair textile and food submissions. Kudos to my friend Barb for her chocolate raspberry cheesecake submission. While she was the Waukesha Co. Fair winner for this cheesecake, this one yielded a white ribbon (I couldn't read what place that equated). We saw some beautiful flowers and some amazing vegetable submissions.

Next stop, the Expo!! I was in search of a new set of Ginsu knives, but alas, I couldn't find them. We picked up our annual lottery tickets. Both my mom and I "contributed" five dollars each to the state lottery fund without a return. Oh well. It was funny walking through the Expo because in each aisle, I could identify one of the products we did have... Cham Wow, Salsa Maker, Glass Cleaner, Stove Top Grill. Argh, where were the Ginsus??

We were there so early, the corn was just beginning to roast. We couldn't partake in that.

At this point, we had about an hour and 15 minutes left at the fair, so we headed to the Wisconsin Products Building. Mmm...more tasty treats. Mom and Grandma headed to the Wisconsin Potato Growers booth. Cheese, butter, sour cream, and chives, please! I headed to the Apple Growers stand. Caramel Apple Sundae, hold the sprinkles, please. In the past, the WI State Fair Coupon Book rocked. This year, not so much. No apple coupon, no milk coupon. What's going on? We did score 3 potatoes for $10. Not sure if this was more of a deal than in the past.

30 minutes remaining... off to see some animals. The cows were being herded into the coliseum for some judging. They were so nice and clean. How cute. On to the horses... we saw the clydesdales and boy, are their feet big! They were getting reading for some judging later in the day in the washing area.

Times up! Our ride was waiting. It was beautiful weather and the morning couldn't have been more perfect - a little more time to peruse the fairgrounds. I was looking forward to the Deep Fried PB&J on a stick from the Machine Shed, so someone have one for me. And if you see the Ginsus, all I need are the steak knives.

So, I know you're wondering about my apple pie revelation. I love fall and love making and eating apple pie. My grandma has a fantastic recipe! But, I've always drooled over apple pie bars and haven't found a recipe that suffices (if you have one, please share!). You know, the bars with the layers of firm crust, apple pie filling, a top crust, and a nice layer of icing on the top. You can find these at the Apple Grower's booth. Mmm. I ran across this recipe from Smitten Kitchen for Sour Cherry Slab Pie. I think I could substitute Grandma's Apple Pie filling in this recipe. I can't wait for apple season!

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