Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How far can you take Facebook?

Since I don't have much to do around here lately, I've been geeking more and more on Facebook. I've even updated my status. Something I've only done once or twice. So, I'm wondering how far can you take it to friend people in Facebook. We have a college friend who lives in Colorado. He's got some connections in the cycling world (i.e. Lance Armstrong - probably the most well-known to the non-cycling world). Needless to say, can I send a friend request to Lance? How about all those other prolific cyclists? Are they on Facebook to be found by fans?

When I clicked on Lance's profile, which was private, a friend of his that showed publicly was Tom Cruise. I know this to be fact. Can I friend TomKat?

Is there Facebook etiquette when it comes to friending people?


Kelly said...

I say there isn't much etiquette to speak about. I have requested some quasi-celebrities who have accepted...and others that haven't. I think it is up to them on who they choose to accept. I say be free to request anyone you choose with no shame.

Gina said...

Yah! Go request him. I follow Lance on Twitter. Some celebs don't even run their own Facebook pages and use it as publicity. He might actually run his own FB page though because he does do his own Twittering. Friend away, I say!