Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Fall Season

During the dog walk this morning, it really started to feel like fall out there. Along with the fall season comes the fall season of TV! I thought it would never come after the writer's strike and a summer full of reruns. So, we're just getting into the fall season...

Prison Break
There was a 2 hour season opener and I missed the first hour of the show, but felt like I missed a whole season! I'm looking forward to the online broadcast to catch up. If you've ever seen any episodes (SPOILER ALERT!), you'll be happy to know that Dr. Sara Tancready was not decapitated, she is alive and well and now, her captor has been kidnapped. Michael and Linc are still on the run, and have collected a few more Fox River Penitentary "friends" along the way. I'm still amazed that Michael and Linc have been able to keep their haircuts so short. Amazing.

I couldn't believe anyone could think they could recreate such a fantastic show such as Beverly Hills, 90210... but the CW has given it a try. I was thoroughly disappointed. I expected a few more connections to the old show, but my expectations fell short. Kelly has made a comeback as West Beverly's school counselor. Halfway through the two hour show, Brenda shows up to meet Kelly at "The Pit" - where Nat is still the proprietor. The Peach Pit is no longer the diner we fondly remember, in fact, it is now a cafe/coffee bar where all the West Beverly students hang out. Brenda is an actress in town to perform in a play, so she should be around for a few episodes. There is some mystery surrounding Kelly's life - she has a 4 year old son named Sammy and Brenda is acting mighty strange at the mention of the son. Could it be the love child of Brandon and Kelly? Dylan and Kelly? I hope we find out. As for the teen characters in the show, no one can match Kelly, Dylan, Steve, Donna, Brandon, Brenda, and David.

My new favorite show... BONES! I love the chemistry between Agent Seely Booth (David Boreanaz) and Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel). There are some great quips between the two. And, who doesn't love a forensic mystery with quirky characters!

We checked out Raising the Bar on TNT the other night after Prison Break. It's a Steven Bochco production, of NYPD fame - which I was a huge fan of. Some familiar faces graced the screen: Gloria Ruebens from ER, Mark-Paul Gosselaar from Saved by the Bell, and Jane Kaczmarek from Malcolm in the Middle. I was expecting a hard law drama, but I felt like they tried too hard to be funny. I'll skip this one too.

Looking forward the new season of The Office and the final season of ER (tears) coming up in a few weeks!


Gina said...

I watched the new 90210 too. You're right. It wasn't the same as the old gang. I thought it was interesting that Erin Silver is a character though. I'll probably still watch it. Gotta say... I LOVE the jazzed up version of the theme song though. I'm glad they stuck with the same song.

Kelly said...

I dvr'd 90210, but I haven't watched it yet.

We weren't too thrilled with Raising the Bar either. I wasn't digging MPG with the long hair.

Whitney said...

I'm getting all nostalgic for the old 90210...