Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympic Events Turn Athlete to Couch Potato

Isn't it funny how the Olympics glorify the world's greatest athletes but turn the rest of us into couch potatoes? I'm guilty... I love watching the Olympics and watch it most minutes I'm home, even making me stay up past my bedtime AND it seems like coverage goes later and later each night!

We've watched everything from swimming to sand volleyball to equestrian (which is held in Hong Kong) to basketball. Each event, amazing feats of athleticism. Question, does equestrian qualify as an Olympic event? The horses are doing the work... just a thought.

In other Olympic related news, I found this fun blog on Yahoo! Sports - Fourth Place Medal. I think it's worth checking out. Funny posts include "Olympic Mysteries"... ever wonder were Cullen was when his team won the swimming relay? Check it out here.

More specifically, I think John Belushi was on to this sort of Olympic training. Cutting edge if you ask me.


Gina said...

Very true!

Whitney said...

I know; I feel so lazy these days.