Monday, June 09, 2008

100 Year Flood

As I recall, 10 years ago we had what was called "The 100 Year Flood" and here it is 10 years later, and we have ourselves another 100 Year Flood!

Last time we had these torrential rains, I got a firsthand look at the destruction when I worked on the Menonmonee River Parkway, just down the road from Hart Park in Tosa. The business I worked at flooded and I felt like I inhaled mold for weeks. Yuck. This time, we got to see downtown Waukesha. Tonight we went for dinner at Casa del Rio (yum) in downtown Waukesha, but because of all the flooding, 3 of the 4 main bridges over the Fox River were closed and traffic was rerouted. On the way home, we drove past some of the houses that were flooded and it was so sad. Peoples homes were still underwater. Rowboats and canoes were docked at the front doors so people could get out. Pretty surreal.

Kids, don't throw your suits on and jump in. Bad idea.

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Ellen said...

It is crazy! And sad all at once. Hope your house made it out ok. Ron and I are back in town. We should get together for dinner sometime. I have the Glass Castle for you to read now that I have finished it. Hope all is well.