Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another movie worth checking out...

The Namesake

This movie follows the life of an Indian couple brought together through an arranged marriage. Their journey through life is chronicled as they move to the United States, adapt to life as Americans. Yearning for life back in India, the wife struggles at times with "traditional" American life. As the couple two children grow up, they continue to face more issues. The oldest son, played by Kumar from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, struggles to accept his parents as well as his name. As the family grows older, the mother grows to accept her Americanized children and the son grows to accept the importance of his culture and his name.

The beginning is a little slow moving, but important to the entire movie. It's on dvd and worth checking out.

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Ellen said...

We watched this over the weekend. What an amazing movie. Good suggestion.