Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Babies Abound!

It's official, another baby boy is brewing. Besides Ellen, I am the only married gal in the bunch that is NOT pregnant. It seems that baby boys are the babies to have.

I attended two showers in two weekends - both for baby boys. Monnie's only got 35 days to go (thanks to the baby clock) and by Christmas the newest Baby Boy Kozik will be here. Last but not least, Congratulations to Gina and Todd who are expecting Baby #1 in late March - also a boy.

What's in the water?


Whitney said...

Boy cooties!

Anonymous said...

don't worry dria, I won't be having babies anytime soon.

dria said...

that's good to here, stay away from the boy cooties. if you have a baby before me, we have something to worry about.