Sunday, October 21, 2007

Catching Up

I just realized it's been quite some time since I've blogged. We've had some fun weekends the last couple weeks.
Tessie is getting excited for Halloween. She has a few costumes to choose from.
This is Franken-Tess.
After a trip to the dog park and pumpkin farm, Tess was pretty tired.We headed up to Minneapolis to attend Nick's wedding. It was a nice little reunion of the UWW gang. By the way, congratulations to Jenny and Al -- Baby Krueger is on the way in April.

We attended the Greyhound Gala, where the room was filled with 200 greyhounds, and no barking was to be heard, except for the "Group Roo" which kicked off the day. Tessie didn't know what to think of it, she pretty much just looked around, ears standing at attention. We had a nice time. Tess got a new collar, rain coat and winter booties and got her nails cut much quicker than we can do at home! We bought a few raffle tickets and much to our surprise, we won the biggest prize - a new dog bed, raised water bowls, 2 types of dog food, treats, 2 stuffies, a collar and a book on dog behavior. What a spoiled dog!

Lastly, today I got to reunite with some Dashers, to shower Monnie and Baby Halberg.

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Whitney said...

What a nice picture!
It was great to see you, Dria.
I LOVE the blanket you made! Definitely one of my faves!