Monday, August 20, 2007

Colorado Springs, Here We Come

...or there we went.

With a free roundtrip ticket waiting for me on Midwest Airlines, I jetted off to Colorado Springs a few weeks back with Chris on a business trip. We did get to go out the weekend before and stay a day longer than needed, so it was a nice little trip to round out the summer. I finally uploaded the pictures on Shutterfly, so please check those out.

It rained pretty much every afternoon, but the mornings were lovely. Here is a synopsis of the trip:

Saturday - airplane hopping, finally arriving in the afternoon at CO Springs

Sunday - drove to the summit of Pike's Peak, America's Mountain (this is where the song "America the Beautiful" was inspired) and toured the town of Manitou Springs

Monday - inside tour of the Olympic Training Center courtesy of Kelly Reid, who husband is a Olympic Triathlete (thanks to Nick!); visited Garden of the Gods, only to be turned away by a huge lightning show before getting in a good hike/run

Tuesday - Chris had to work, I drove up to Boulder to check out Pearl Street (made famous in the movie Catch and Release with Jennifer Gardner - Pearl St. is to Boulder as State St. is to Madison

Wednesday - Chris worked again; I visited the Colorado Springs Zoo and feed the giraffes (too fun!) and toured the US Air Force Academy; dinner in Denver with Nick and Tracy

Thursday - leisure morning; fly home

I would love to visit CO again, but check out another city - explore Denver or the mountain towns!

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Whitney said...

Wow! Great vacation!
Sounds like you made good use of your time in CO!
I haven't been in a while, but I know I enjoyed Pearl Street too!