Thursday, June 14, 2007

Latest Doings

My little sis graduated from high school. She's off to art school in Chi-town next year. Congratulations lil E!
Chris has been scoring big at some triathlons lately. We're off to Iowa this weekend. Hmmm...what is there to do in Iowa? Any ideas?

I had a nice time at the Brewers Game on Memorial Day weekend with some fellow dashers: Gina, Kelly, Melodie, and Monica. Gina has a post and nice pic to commemorate the event. Congrats to Monnie and Jim - they are expecting in December!

I jetted off to California with my dear friends Christy and Amanda. While I learned everything there is to know about Wind Power, those two toured the town of LA. We did have some celebrity sightings while we were there. We saw Geena Davis at a downtown restaurant, Ciudad. And, yes, she is TALL. We also dined at Chateau Marmont and paid a chunk of change at dinner, but it was worth it because we saw Drew Berrymore. She sat pretty much kitty-korner to us. The Chateau also has some historic Hollywood roots - John Belushi overdosed there, Greta Garbo used take residence in the bungalows, and Lindsay Lohan is known to stay there for extended periods. We met up with some of Amanda's friends from MU and a friend of Christy's from Chicago who relocated to LA. We dined a local Mexican restaurant that Nick and Jessica used to visit frequently and spent a few hours at a bar/restaurant that Elijah Wood has visited as well as a frequent haunt of Jessica Simpson (wow, she makes her way around town).

It was a great visit, lots of fun was had. (pictures will follow eventually) We look forward to our next get together in Chicago in August, only to have Gina join us as well.


Whitney said...

Great celeb sightings!
How was your conference?

Gina said...

I'm bummed I couldn't have joined you guys... and with those great celeb sightings... I would've been going nuts! Can't wait for Chicago in Aug.

dria said...

The conference was geared towards industry reps, so there wasn't much focus on education. Nonetheless, I did learn a lot about wind power.