Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thunderstorms and Hailstones

I thought I got freaked about weather sometimes, but my poor dog is just beside herself when the storms roll in. Tonight, we had a smattering of thunder and a little bit of lightning with a threat of hail. She just knew it before the storms even began. I got home just as the rain was starting and she was just terrified. She's been glued to my side every since. She even ran to the basement on her own to escape the storms, I guess.

Tessie is off to her first sleep over with Lil' E this weekend. Chris and I are off to Michigan, so Emily is picking Tess up for a weekend with the 'rents. I think Emily and Tess are equally excited. My grandma even thought she'd get to walk the dog. Tess is just such a lovable dog - I'm glad E will keep her cleaner than the kennel did!

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