Monday, July 17, 2006

Tour Mania!

The Tour de France is well underway and it's on in our house more than once a day, thanks to OLN (formerly known as "Only Lance Network"). Just can't get enough! Although Lance has retired, there are several Americans making a name for themselves. Floyd Landis wore the yellow jersey for a little while. George Hincapie has had some good efforts (he's always been one of my favorites) and Levi Leipheimer seems to have come back from his bout of illness(?) at the start of the tour. A few interesting things about Floyd - he is from a Menonite Amish community and they do not believe in having their picture taken. Needless to say, I don't think Floyd is all that Amish right now. Another interesting fact, he will need hip replacement surgery after the tour is over. That stinks.

Now, the reason behind my post... Tour Mania! Trek Bikes has had an online contest as well as scratch off cards in bike shops. I haven't been as diligent this year as I was last with playing daily... but Chris has. Since July 1, Chris has been the big winner - 2 Power Bars! I, on the other hand, have played 3 times, including today. Day one, nothing. Day two - DISCOVERY TEAM JERSEY! WAHOO! Today, nothing again.

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Whitney said...

I love Powerbars!