Saturday, July 08, 2006

Danskin Triathlon

Tomorrow is the big day - my first triathlon. I was so nervous today riding down to Pleasant Prairie where the race is being held. Once I got there and checked in, the nerves started calming down. I missed the last course overview meeting, thinking everything would be repeated in the First-Timers meeting. I hope that was the case.

The tri is scheduled to begin at 7am, but my wave doesn't go off until 8:20am. The event is HUGE! There are 4200 competitors - all women. I think that is more than the Ironman participants and that seemed gigantic, but we're not going off all at once. There are multiple waves of approximately 100 women in each wave.

The swim is in a spring fed lake, Lake Andrea, at the Lakeview RecPlex. The swim is 1/2 mile, clear across the lake. I swam in the lake on Thursday and the temperature wasn't too bad, but still, that's the part I'm worried about, as I really just learned how to swim this winter.

Then, it's out of the water onto the bike for a ~12mile course. We drove it and it's on major roads and one crummy, bumpy road. Then, through the transition again, throw the shoes on and out for a 5k run around the lake.

There will be an handful of other Tribabes at the race. Everyone says this is a fun one and a good race to do for your first Tri.

You can check for results after 2pm - I should be finished quite a bit before then, barring any major problems - on in the Chicagoland race results section.

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