Sunday, February 05, 2006

Odds and Ends

Side note: Did you know Usher and Sarah Michelle Gellar were in the movie She's All That with Freddie Prinze Jr.?

Gina posted this great link to a funny video that I think we can all relate to! Check it out.

I don't know what guys' facsination with Chuck Norris is, but our friend Nick, posted this link to a Chuck Norris fan site. I even found some laughs on the first page alone.


Gina said...

I was watching She's All That on cable today too!

Whitney said...

Yeah, I noticed that movie was on the telie... I'm not sure why either Dria, but the Chuck Norris thing is all over the place! I thought that SNL skit with "The Young Chuck Norris" was pretty funny too- it was on a couple weeks ago. It's weird though, all these guys in my life are talking about roundhouse kicks to the face? I'm just kinda lost in all of it!

Gina said...

I have to say I am out of the Chuck Norris loop. Is he the one in Walker Texas Ranger?

dria said...

Guys are so weird. Chuck Norris is Walker Texas Ranger now. He is super karate star of the day, hence the lure for the boys. Just ask Todd.