Thursday, January 26, 2006

That Guy!

Whenever you go anywhere, you are bound to see That Guy. Keep in mind, That Guy can come in all shapes and sizes.

Tonight I was at the Y, I saw 2 gentlemen that qualify as That Guy. Tonight's first That Guy wears tapered jeans and a white tank undershirt, he's really not that buff at all, just middle-aged and thinking he's hot. Why in the world does anyone wear jeans to workout is beyond me?

Tonight's second That Guy was the one who was dressing appropriately for a 45 year old man running on the track just to eat that second burger, so that is not why he qualifies. In fact, he qualifies for the sweet mullet he had flowing behind him topped off with the feathered bangs. Nice. Why is it that women usually pull their hair back when sweating is inevitable, but men with massive amounts of hair that COULD be pulled back, don't? It's beyond me.

One last note... there is a game called "That Guy!" that is great for bachelorette parties. We had lots of fun with it at Gina's party.

Keep your eye out for more of my That Guy or That Girl sightings! Keep me posted on your own personal sightings!


Kelly said...

I used to see a guy at my old gym who wore work boots when he worked out - like big, tan, heavy, steel toed boots. Granted, he was only lifting weights usually, but still, why!? Throw a pair of running shoes in your truck!

Gina said...

There are many "that guys" in Green Bay. Lots of mullets and Nascar jackets. Actually, that isn't just on the men either.

Anonymous said...

I see these guys all the time on my way to Eagle River. I saw the jean/wife beater shirt guy at the gym this week. It was so pathetic!

angela said...

I saw "that guy" when I was at Festa Italiana last summer. He was swaggering toward me with his tight pants and too-short shirt so I got a whole lot of belly view. Then he stopped walking and shook his pants leg. I looked down because I thought he dropped something. No, was a turd. yuck!

dria said...

Angela, you take the cake for "That Guy"!