Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Busy, Busy Days!

I'm watching American Idol right now. Wow, there are some folks on here that kick butt and some folks that make me wonder what's going on. Currently, there's a chick wearing pink leopard print with fringe. Stripper or singer??

Last night I had my first upholstry class. It was pretty fun, but it was LONGGGGG! Jill and I brought in similar chairs, which I took pics of, but on my camera phone. (I'm still trying to figure out how to send them... it's not working for me.) We're basically taking everything off and reupholstering with new fabric. After inhaling many, many fabric fumes and smelling what the house of the owner smelled like, as I ripped off layer after layer of fabric, the instructor said I'd be ready for fabric next week. I have a hard time believing it.

We're kinda working backwards here, but Sunday I attended Andrew Fogerty's baptism. I pirated a picture. Andrew was such a good baby. He slept through most of church and then didn't even scream when he had water and oil applied to his head. Good boy.

My day's festivities continued Sunday evening at the WCA Cyclocross Banquet at the Delafield Brewhaus. We celebrated the season's record participation. Renee put together an awesome video highlighting some the races of the season. Unfortunately, my season was not documented in moving pictures. But there are some cool pics from Renee from my 3 race debut on her site www.madcross.org ! Check out the link here, I'm in the first 2 photos sporting the CZ Velo jersey (blue and yellow) and navy shorts. Check out the sweet pink Gunnar I'm riding - a little bike present from Chris this fall. I was pretty excited about that one!

I can't take much more of American Idol tonight, but we're going to check out 24 which was taped from last night. Hour 5 for Jack!

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Joe said...

you pirated a picture from andrew's website? He's flattered.